The Type 79 Tactical Guide is a transfer guide specially designed to improve the Type 79 with high-precision sights in combat. The guide rail is combined with the structure and performance characteristics of the 79 type, and the performance is stable, which ensures the stable operation of the tactical component mounted to the 79 type, and solves the problem that the 79 type does not have the Picatinny guide rail can not carry the foreign high-precision sight. More importantly, it is possible to adjust the mounting position of the various mounted sights without being affected by the disassembly. The 79-type tactical guide rail adopts the military standard hard anodizing treatment, which has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, non-reflection, etc. It can be arbitrarily matched with various holographic sights, inner red dot mirrors, tactical lights, laser pointers according to different tactical tasks. The glare component of the laser dazzle, quick release three-point or single-point gun belt is upgraded to a 79 tactical system.


● Model:XL-79DGG

● Material:6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy

● Net Weight: 448g

● Dimensions : 290 x 56 x 54 mm L / W / H