Best Choice | LS-L7 Power Adjustable Laser Sight for Rifle


If you could use only one single aiming laser for your rifle, which model will you like to choose? My answer is Laserspeed L7 series power adjustable aiming laser. Including visible green beam(L7-GA) and invisible IR beam(L7-IRA). As a leader in word-of-mouth and quality in the tactical aiming laser field, it has recently gained fans from many professional buyers in the market.

“Night comes and I go out to zero it again and this time once I have it zeroed I do the shock test there I hit it with my fist on the buttstock and the device and on the tires at the range a few times less then the day time test and it has been holding zero since then. Another day pases and now for the moment of truth I then took my rifle to the range and fired 30 rounds down range. The first 20 were at 25 and 50 yards trying to see if it would shift zero under rapid fire but each shot was consistently on paper.”  - NightVision/Reddit

The shock resistance test will be carried out before the product leaves the factory to check the quality of each product.

“Excellente quality, the ir beam is very bright i tested it with my nvg gen2+ white phopshor, like expected it takes cr123a batteries.” - France Buyer

The IR beam is bright and clear under the Night Vision Goggles, the product uses CR123A battery (one piece).

“Good quality. Good laser brightness and clarity. Water holds with diving with it.” - American Buyer

The strong waterproof performance of IPX8 brought by high sealing makes L7 a reliable tool in your harsh environment. 

High and low power adjustment gears make the L7 a sharp kit that can clearly identify and target threats no matter day or night.