A laser designator basically acts as a flashlight with adjustable beam. The difference is that the lighting is done with a green laser through an optical system to illuminate a larger area (20m diameter of 100 meters) with a green and clear light in the distance. Laser design the converters unique feature creates the conditions to illuminate targets at night and look at them through an ordinary rifle scope.


● Laser Wavelength of designator:532nm

● Laser wavelength of aiming laser: 830-850nm

● Laser Output Power:≤50mw

● Min Laser Spot Size of designator :22mm @ 30m

● Max Laser Spot Size of aiming laser: 20-30nm @ 30m

● Laser Operating Temp.: -20℃ to +55℃

● Length: 105 mm

● Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy, 6061-T6

● Net Weight: 139g

● Battery Type: CR123 Battery, 2pcs