● Professional grade laser product, subzero and all weather operating.

● Employ military grade 532nm green laser diode operating in DPSS technology format and have an operating temperature range of -20C to +55C.

● Minus 30 Celsius degree 532nm green lasers model is available for optional.

● High quality Multi-coated optical system, rounded high density light spot with uniform brightness distribution and clear edges.

● Laser spot size / laser beam divergence Angle is zoomable, aiming weapon onto target or illuminating field of view.

● Laser beam divergence angle range can be customized according to buyer’s needs.

● Fit all weapons equipped with MILSTD-1913 Rail, easy installation and quick detachable.

● Comply with US FDA performance standards for laser.

● Shock / Impact resistance and gun recoil resistance.

● Dust proofing and Water resistant performance standard IP67.

● Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum alloy (6061-T6), with hard anodizing in matt black.

● Camouflage pattern covering is available for optional.


Laser Wavelength:830-850nm

Laser Output Power:500mw

Laser Beam Divergence:0.04°to 4°( 0.698 to 69.81 mrad.)

Laser Spot Size:22mm @ 30 m , 7.8m @ 100m

Laser Operating Temp.: -20℃ to +55℃

●Tube Diameter: 25.4mm / 30mm (1 inch / 1.25 inch)

Length: 223mm

Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy, 6061-T6

Net Weight: 278g

Battery Type: ICR18650 Battery, 1pcs